Number plate maker

Being one of the leading number plate makers in UK, National Show Plates strives to deliver the best to its customers. Since the needs of each customer are as different as they are themselves, we handle each order individually and manufacture your plate exactly according to your precise specifications.

Why buy a custom number plate?

A well designed number plate can actually enhance the look of your vehicle and can make your car stand out, so why stick to the same old fashioned number plate when you have a variety of colors and styles to explore from?

We are there to help you out

By using our online plate builder you can create your own designs and show off your plate. You will be guided to each step of your number plate building experience from entering the registration till the final design is ready. You can add additional borders, themes or badges if you like, without having to worry about the quality of the plate. We use only top products and guarantee exactly the kind of number plate you have placed an order for.