Terms and Conditions

We don't sell or deal in personal registration numbers - we simply make replacement plates for numbers already owned.

1) The Terms and Conditions apply to all business transactions carried out by National Show Plates herein referred to as the 'Company'.

2) The person applying for bespoke items is herein referred to as the 'Purchaser'.

3) Terms, Refund and Cancellation:-
Your Statutory rights are not affected. It is the responsibilty of the Purchaser to make themselves aware of these Terms and
Conditons before ordering from the Company as they form the basis of the contract between us. By placing an order via our
Internet Website you agree to and accept these terms and conditions and a legally binding contract is then inforce between the
Company and the Purchaser.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure all details submitted to the Company via the Internet are correct.
We can not be held responsible if details are entered incorrectly and result in delays in processing the order.
We can not accept any claims for errors once this has been done. Items selected as marked legal on the site does not
guarantee the plates will be legal, for instance if spacing is incorrect, but these items are the legal fonts etc used on legal road plate.
We will not change the spacing on any order.

There is no 'cooling off' period as orders are bespoke and work starts at once, transactions can not be cancelled nor can refunds be given.
Any liability the company has shall be to the order value alone, less costs already incurred. No claims for damages, interest or any other
costs incurred will be entertained.

In circumstances where the Company agrees to cancel an order and make a refund we reserve the right to charge a £6 cancellation
fee to cover costs already incurred. In circumstances where the Company is unable or unwilling to fulfill the order for whatever reason a
full refund will be made, again our liability will be to the order value alone.

Plates will be made as per the spacing requirements specified by the Purchaser. The Company can not be held responsible in any way or form
if the Purchaser does not enter the spacing as required when ordering.
Plates supplied are Show registration plates are manufactured and supplied for 'off road' use only, rally days, car shows, exhibitions and use on
private land where the law does not apply. Due to stringent restrictions of trade placed upon the 'Company' by the DVLA, all registration plates, legal
or otherwise will be sold to the 'Purchaser' on the basis of being for show use only ('showplates') and the 'Purchaser'
may risk prosecution if the registration plates are used on the UK highway.

Show plates are classed as Personalised Items and refunds or returns are not allowed if you change your mind or don't like them.
The online plate builder shows an example of the plates, the finished plates will very closely resemble the image shown but may differ
due to limitations of the website. Damaged plates will be replaced at our discretion. Due to the nature of materials used variations
may occure but plates supplied will always meet required standards laid down in law.

4) Privacy Policy - We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

5) Delivery Policy - Standard Delivery is by 1st Class post, Special Delivery next day is available on orders ordered before 1.00pm.
Sameday dispatch and Special Delivery available weekdays only. Orders after 5pm Friday are classed as Monday orders.

Whilst every effort is made to dispatch orders in a reasonable time scale the Company can not be held responsible for delays or errors in
the Postal System, delays in the Purchaser supplying additional details or any other third party actions. Delivery can be expected within a
few days of dispatch, we will replace non delivered items at our discretion after a suitable time has elapsed for delivery - Royal Mail allow
15 days before an item is considered lost.

Car badges are offered as is, in no way does the plate then become an official plate or affiliated item or product of that company if such an
item is used on the plate. If you own the copyright of any image used on the site contact us if you are concerned about the images use. In no
way is the site endorsed or supported by the owners of any image on the site. In no way is the site affiliated to any company whoses images
may be included on the site.

The Company can not be held responsible for any circumstances arising from purchase of the Show plates from us.
It is the Purchasers responsibilty to abide by the law applicable to them at all times.

No additional verbal conditions or guarantees either expressed or implied shall have effect on these Terms and Conditions
unless authorised in writing by one of the Directors of the Company. If any condition of this agreement is held to be invalid
by a competent jurisdiction then the remaing provisions shall remain in force and be valid. These terms and conditions form
the agreement between both parties in respect of the purchase.